Edberg Kojo Sam
DP / Photographer
Creative Director

Edberg is a DP, Photographer, and Creative Director based in Boston.

He started as a self-taught photographer and started exploring videography as a hobby. He then combined his visual storytelling and lighting skills to revolutionize video making.

He has rich experience in art and creativity and is considered reliable and adaptable.

“I love the art of film-making and photography because it is a collaborative process of bringing stills to life”

Edberg is also a successful photographer, shooting portraits, editorials, and advertisements.

Demo Reel 2.0

All About Me

Fun facts about me

  • I love my morning coffee, but i prefer it made at home.
  • Music by Kid Cudi always gets my attention but also have an awesome dancehall, hip-hop and reggaeton playlist
  • I geek out about computers.
  • Soccer is one thing I cant live without and my favorite team is Barcelona FC.


Some customers I have worked with