Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer
About Me

My name is Edberg Kojo Sam and I am a Ghanaian born photographer and film-maker based in Boston. I am specialized in Portraits, Weddings, Lifestyle & High Fashion and Documentaries . I am best known for my creative Portraits and Lifestyle shoots with heavy storytelling and use of colors and vibrant details that results in dramatic looks.

I am a passionate and patient photographer.  I’ve met incalculable individuals who have enhanced and enriched my life; I’m appreciative of that. That is the reason why I build visuals through photography and filmmaking.

I love telling stories through pictures and film as a way to connect.

My creative style is unique and focuses on moments and stories. I achieve great results by paying close attention to lights and composition.

my vision is to capture something unique about each individual beauty that I photograph.

Something that makes that specific subject standout by capturing the essence or personality.

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